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Biofiber Techs patented technology makes wood fibres
more compatible with plastics.
FibraQ compounds can be used in products where wood-fibre based plastics have not been an
option before. 
Patented modification technology
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Wood fibres is a good sustainable source but untreated are they fluffy and hydrophilic.​ Which makes them difficult to use in plastic production and limit the use of what a wood fibre plastic can be used for.

By using our patented modification
technology we make wood fibres hydrophobic​ and more “plastic” like. 

Making them more compatible with different types of plastics and easier for any compounders to use in existing production. 

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Our solution, compacted and ​hydrophobic wood fibres ​in granulate format.​ So that any compounder with a twin screw extruder can produce wood fiber compounds with FibraQ.


Pelletised for easy handling, but when compounded the fibers separate and gives a good and even dispersion. 

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To simplify for Brand owners and

product manufactures we also offer a range of different plastic compounds. 


Due to the benefit of our treatment we can offer a wide range of polymer matrices, making sure wood fibre plastics can be used for product where is has not been an option before.

Customizable and Flexible

​Our patented technology modifies wood fibers to improve the compatibility with polymer matrices. It is fully customizable, allowing you to have full control over the final material mix according to your product requirement and sustainability goals.


Our flexible approach means you can use your existing infrastructure and polymers to create your  product, while at the same time reducing your reliance on fossil fuel-based plastic.

Show off that natural look
Everywhere in society we need the
switch to renewable materials.
That development can not wait for large investments to be ready, things need to happen now!

Eric Zhang, Founder & CEO

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Superior flowability

​Thanks to our surface treatment that makes wood-fibres more compatible with polymer matrices, the composites with FibraQ exhibit higher flowability than other wood based bio-granulates

This brings three main benefits:

  • the possibility to choose among more polymer matrices of various flowability and ductility to tailor the mechanical performance and

  • good dimension stability

  • higher throughput during compounding and injection moulding, allowing higher production rate.

Also for smaller applications and in tooling with small gates

Normal wood fiber composites have decreased flowability, which can lead to uneven filling and packing of the mold cavity.


In order to overcome this issue, moulders typically require to design runner system with larger gates and runners to promote better flow and reduce shear stress on the material.

The enhanced flowability of FibraQ minimzes the need of customized tooling like larger gates, mean we widen the field of applications where a woodfibre compound can be used.

Fibra-Q logo.png

ABS Compound

Fibra-Q logo.png

rPE Compound

They say wood fibre plastic is brittle...

We introduce FibraQ compounds. Since our patented technology make sure we can mix our wood fibres in plastic matrixes that are hard and stiff as well as ductile and flexible.

We opening up for the use of wood fibre based plastics in application and products where it has not been an option before. 

Broaden the use of wood fibre based plastic to help reduce carbon emissions.

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