Are you looking for new sustainable material solutions?

By reducing your use of fossil based plastic we will
help reduce your CO2 emissions!

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We offer an innovation in wood fibre bases plastic, giving brands within multiple sectors an opportunity to replace their fossil based plastic with a sustainable solution.

Our patented technology opens up for the use of the great renewable forrest resource as a commodity in the plastic industry. 

Enabling creation of highly flowable biocomposites with good and customizable mechanical properties, processable using existing injection moulding tools.


Do you

want to find out if 


would be a good sustainable choice for your product?

By using 1 ton of FibraQ,

you save up to 5 tons CO2eq per ton of finished product.

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One of the many excited projects we work with at the moment is a Vinnova funded research project in collaboration with kayak manufacturer Melker of Sweden and RISE.


The project purpose? To explore the large-scale 3D printing of a full-sized kayak using a sustainable biocomposite based on recycled plastic and Biofiber Tech´s wood fibers, FibraQ™.

 If you decide to work with us, we will do our best to find the solutions that fit your needs.

By sharing knowledge on how to optimize our material to match your sustainability goals, product demands and production capabilities.  



Our wood fibres comes from sustainably managed Nordic forest.

As trees grow, they act as a great carbon sink, then we give them a chance to be building blocks in long-lasting plastic products.

Keeping the carbon stored for many more years.


Is a sustainable material created by the Swedish technology company Biofiber Tech. Who has a vision for all products to be made from renewable resources and with a mission to accelerate that transition.


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Curious to know if our material

could help you reach your

sustainability goals?