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Are you looking for new sustainable material solutions?

By reducing your use of fossil based plastic we will
help reduce your CO2 emissions!


This summer we will launch FibraQ in France!

Visit us at FIP - The leading trade show for Plastics, Composites and Rubber in France.

       Lyon 4-7th of June
       Booth B62-C57

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Our modification technology opens up for the use of the great renewable forrest resource as a commodity in the plastic industry. 

Enabling creation of highly flowable biocomposites with good and customizable mechanical properties.

FibraQ 3D compound
Our sustainable solution

We offer an innovation in wood fibre bases plastic, giving brands within multiple sectors an opportunity to replace their fossil based plastic with a sustainable solution.

How it works?

According to customer requirements, FibraQ can be mixed with virgin/recycled plastics or other biopolymers. And can then be used for:


  • Injection moulding

  • 3D-printing

  • Extrusion

  • Thermoforming

Our range of plastic compounds
Check out our range of materials to find one that fit your needs!
3D printed Kayak

Biofiber Tech has been part of a Swedish project funded by Bioinnovation, being the first in the world to 3D-print a full-size kayak in one piece with a wood fibre and recycled plastic compound.


The kayak is made of recycled plastic that is reinforced with wood fibre from Swedish forests, our very own FibraQ®. The breakthrough opens up for a competitive production of more sustainable and circular products with our FibraQ 3D compounds.

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a sustainable source
Great carbon sink
Growing trees act as a carbon sink. Absorbing more carbon dioxide
then they release.

As trees grow, they store about 1 ton of carbon dioxide per cubic meter of wood

Carbon negative material, cradle to gate.
Highly scalable
Large scale production is done using existing infrastructure at paper and wood fibre producers. 

Making sure we can have a stable, large scale quality production over time.
Locally grown
We use pine or spruce sourced from sustainably managed northern European forest.
  • PEFC certified raw material

FibraQ compounds

Product Gallery
Curious to know if our material
could help you reach your
sustainability goals?
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