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Are you looking for new sustainable material solutions?

By reducing your use of fossil based plastic we will
help reduce your CO2 emissions!

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Our sustainable solution

We offer an innovation in wood fibre bases plastic, giving brands within multiple sectors an opportunity to replace their fossil based plastic with a sustainable solution.

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Our patented technology opens up for the use of the great renewable forrest resource as a commodity in the plastic industry. 

Enabling creation of highly flowable biocomposites with good and customizable mechanical properties.

How it works?

According to customer requirements, FibraQ can be mixed with virgin/recycled plastics or other biopolymers. And can then be used for:


  • Injection molding

  • 3D-printing

  • Extrusion

  • Thermoforming


By using 1 ton of FibraQ,

you save up to 5 tons CO2eq per ton of finished product.

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3D printed Kayak

Biofiber Tech has been part of a Swedish project funded by Bioinnovation, being the first in the world to 3D-print a full-size kayak in one piece with a wood fibre and recycled plastic compound.


The kayak is made of recycled plastic that is reinforced with wood fiber from Swedish forests, our very own FibraQ®. The breakthrough opens up for a competitive production of more sustainable and circular products with our FibraQ 3D compounds.


Our wood fibres comes from sustainably managed European forest.

As trees grow, they act as a great carbon sink, then we give them a chance to be building blocks in long-lasting plastic products.

Keeping the carbon stored for many more years.

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Is a sustainable material created by the Swedish technology company Biofiber Tech. Who has a vision for all products to be made from renewable resources and with a mission to accelerate that transition.


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Curious to know if our material

could help you reach your

sustainability goals?