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FibraQ 3D compound kayak_edited.jpg

FibraQ 3D compounds

For Brand owners and product manufactures

We offer a compound specifically made for 3D printing that can be used in pellet printers. 

Our FibraQ 3D compound offer numerous advantages for extrusion 3D printing using FDM technology, including improved layer adhesion, dimensional stability (reducing warping), and reduced shrinkage.


The compound enables printing of overhangs with minimal sagging and better accuracy, resulting in high print quality. The wood fibres also increase the heat deflection temperature of the materials.


  • Can be mechanically recycled in a closed loop

  • FibraQ compounds can be separated for recycling in various ways, including density-based and NIR-based methods.

Did you know...

...that the above kayak was printed in 10 hours?

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