In the search for a new sustainable alternative to plastic?

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Eric Zhang

Founder and CEO, Ph.D

"Driving technology innovation to make positive impact change is what we do at Biofiber Tech. Welcome to join our journey!

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Sara Georgsson

Director - End Use Development

"With our sustainable material solution, we invite everyone to participate in the shift to more sustainable plastics"

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Linnea Kilegran

Product development engineer 

"With good materials, fantastic opportunities are created."

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Luis Valencia

Director - Material Development

and Application, Ph.D

"Being able to use my knowledge to develop more sustainable materials and co-create a green world is something I am proud of"

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Li Karlsson

Regional Manager - Asia

"Everywhere in society we need the

switch to renewable materials.


That development can not wait for large investments to be ready, things need to happen now

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Erik Persson

Process Development

"With good materials, fantastic opportunities are created."

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Gustaf Ulfendahl

Management trainee

"I'm a true generalist and to be able to have a good impact on the environment feels great. "

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Pia Ingvallsén

Strategic Sales and Business Development

"I will now be able to share two of my passions, good custom relationships and sustainability

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