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Any compounder with a twin screw extruder can produce wood fibre compounds with FibraQ


FibraQ is modified wood fibres in granulate format. Our modification technology makes wood fibres more compatible and easy to mix with your choice of plastic!


According to customer requirements, FibraQ can be mixed with virgin/recycled plastics or other biopolymers.


We use pine or spruce sourced from sustainably managed Norden European forest.

  • PEFC certified raw material

Large scale production is done using existing infrastructure at paper and wood fibre producers. 

Making sure we can have a stable, large scale quality production over time.

Great carbon sink

  • Growing trees act as a carbon sink. Absorbing more carbon dioxide then they release.

  • By growing a cubic meter of stem wood, the trees bind 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide.

Saving carbon dioxide with FibraQ
Carbon negative material

Help reduce carbon emission with up to 90% when replacing fossil-based plastics.

Carbon negative material

Pine Spruce Branches
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