Wood as a source


We estimate that FibraQ can be recycled up to seven times. 

Following closely news and innovations for recycling of bio composites on a European level. 

Sustainable forest

Sourced from sustainably managed Nordic forests. Making sure it's grown in the best possible way for nature and animals. 

Carbon sink

As trees in our Nordic forests grow, they bind carbon dioxide, and by binding more then they releases it whats make them a great carbon sink. 


Fibra Q can be recycled, just like any other plastic. We estimate the reprocessability is possible up to seven times.


Fibra Q can also improve the properties of other recycled plastics, extending their re-processability.

Teaming up with European recycling organizations.



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The wood fibres we use are sourced from sustainably managed Nordic forest.​ And by using the spare capacity from the existing Forest industry it is highly scalable.

Our solution enable forestry and wood fiber producers to deliver material in existing supply chains of plastic products.


Wood is naturally climate neutral

Trees play an important role in the carbon cycle by continually taking carbon out of the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis.

Growing trees act as a carbon sink. Absorbing more carbon dioxide then they release.​ By growing a cubic meter of stem wood, the trees bind 1.3 tons of carbon dioxide