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We are currently working on an exciting Vinnova funded research project in collaboration with kayak manufacturer Melker of Sweden and RISE.


The project purpose? To explore large-scale 3D printing of a full-sized kayak using a sustainable biocomposite with FibraQ™.


With this custom-designed and 3D-printed kayak, we will prove how new technologies and the growing sharing economy enable products to be produced with substantially lower carbon footprints.


It also aims to demonstrate that such an approach is applicable on an industrial scale without sacrificing performance in high-value products with the help of wood fiber reinforcement, contributing to better strength and lower weight as well as to the circular economy, a triple win!

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Made by a PP/FibraQ composite




Our innovation is making it possible for any compounder to offer more sustainable alternatives.

Product manufacturer

Keep current manufacturing tooling and maintain business relationships that has developed over the years

Brand owner

Use the material for existing products within your assortment, making the shift to more sustainable products happen now


A drop-in solution of compacted and hydrophobic wood fibres in granulate format.​

Making them easier to feed in plastic compounding and enables better material performance.


A solution that can be handled by any plastic compounder on current machinery. ​

Giving all compounders the opportunity to offer their customers sustainable materials and keeping up with the demands of end consumers.​

The fibers can be mixed with PE, PP, recycled PE or other bioplastics.


Since our patented technology makes is possible for us to compact and pelletize the treated wood fibres.

We are unique in offering any compounder globally a chance to be a producer of wood fibre based plastic.


And that with out any change to their existing production!



We give manufactures a chance to offer a sustainable material at an affordable price, competitive performance and good processability. 

Our modified wood fibers can be mixed with many types of polymers at one of our compounder partners or your existing compounding partner.

Our material is suitable for Injection- or compression-moldable products - e.g. for consumer products, storage boxes, furniture, toys, garden tools, etc


When a partner decides to work with us, we will do our very best to find the solutions that fit their needs. Sharing knowledge on how to optimize our material to their product demands, production and sustainability goals. 

It's all about evolving together. What we learn from working with one partner will be shared with the next. 

By the use of our patented fibres we allow brand owners to keep using existing tooling.​ Making a quick change to more sustainable products possible.

Make the change to a more sustainable material on existing products


If you decide to work with us, we will do our best to find the solutions that fit your needs. By sharing knowledge on how to optimize our material to your product and production. 

It's all about evolving together. What we learn from working with one partner will be shared with the next. 

Since plastics exist within so many industries, so do we!


Please feel free to share that you work with us and use our material.