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So what's a Carbon sink?

Well, keeping it simple, a Carbon sink absorb
more carbon than they release.

Forests being great in that sense, since a growing tree captures carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at the same time. 
Making them 2 x global champions!



Trees play an important role in the carbon cycle by continually taking carbon out of the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis.

Carbon Absorbed and released by the forest over a lifecycle

Source: SLU (The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)



Forests both store and release significant amounts of carbon as part of a natural cycle. Responsible forest management not only reduces a forest’s potential as a carbon source, it can also increase the effect of its carbon storage capacity.


Carbon moves in and out of the atmosphere through a natural process called the carbon cycle. Some years, forests hold more carbon than they release. When they capture more CO2, they are called carbon sinks.


The many players in the carbon cycle and the role that growing forests play in storage of carbon.

Photo courtesy of European Confederation of Foresters, CEPF.

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